Affordable Battery Powered Phone Charger For Emergencies

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Juice Up Your Phone Using AA Batteries

Charge up your phone or any other USB powered device with a battery powered phone charger.

These phone chargers take normal AA batteries that can be found pretty much anywhere – at your grocery store, gas stations and even 7-Eleven.

I’ve researched the best battery powered phone chargers on the market today.

Rayovac 7 Hour Battery Powered Phone Charger

This Rayovac portable battery charger uses 4 AA batteries and can boost your phone’s battery life up to 7 hours.

Get instant back up power with the included batteries and once they’re empty just add a new set of inexpensive AA batteries (found anywhere) to get another 7 hours of instant USB power.

The Rayovac battery powered phone charger has two LED indicator lights that shows power and charge status, so you’ll know when the phone charger is on and charging your phone.

The power status LED’s are like a fuel gauge, with three green LED’s meaning a full charge. Two means 60% charge and one is 30% charge remaining.

Rayovac made the battery powered phone charger lightweight and compact, measuring only approx 1.5 inches x 4 inches x 8 inches and 7.5 ounces. You can easily store the phone charger in your bag, suitcase or purse.

You can use rechargeable batteries in this unit, if you choose to keep a set at home on charge and then switch them out at the end of every day, but other users that have purchased the Rayovac unit have noticed that alkaline batteries give the most recharging power.

This charger comes with a USB to mini USB cable and an Apple 30 pin to USB cable.

If you have an iPhone with a lightening connection on the bottom, the included cable won’t work and you’ll either have to purchase or use your own USB to lightening cable to charge your phone using this portable battery charger.

You can view more information and get the latest price of the Rayovac portable battery powered phone charger on Amazon here.

Verbatim AA Battery Powered Phone Charger

The simple design of the Verbatim AA battery powered phone charger makes it easy to store and use.

With a single USB charging port on the tip and the battery compartment on the other side, it’s a straightforward battery powered phone charger that can boost your phone’s battery power when you’re in a pinch.

Depending on your phone model and usage, this battery pack can add up to 8 hours of use on a single set of 4 AA batteries. Need more charge? No problem, just add a fresh set of batteries and you’re back in business.

The Verbatim AA battery powered phone charger works with pretty much any type of AA battery, like alkaline or rechargeable and is perfect for having on hand for emergency power situations.

Not only can you charge up your phone with the Verbtaim unit, but you can charge your Bluetooth headphones, GPS devices, watches and more. Anything that accepts a USB input.

For it’s size, Verbatim has packed a reliable charging system into a compact size. Measuring only 1.4″ x 1.4″ x 3.2″ and 1.44 ounces, it’s tiny compared to the Rayovac unit we just looked at.

In a real world test, one reviewer noted that he was able to get an additional 7.2 hours of charge from a fresh set of 4 AA batteries.

Check out the full details and the latest price on the Verbatim AA battery powered phone charger on Amazon here.

Fenzer Battery Powered Phone Charger

With built in overcharging protection, the Fenzer battery powered phone charger is a super compact unit and super cheap (find out current price).

It uses 2 AA batteries to give a quick boost to almost any device that can be charged using a USB cable.

A built in flashlight is a nice touch, which sits next to the USB output port for connecting your phone, iPod, Bluetooth headphones and so on.

The batteries aren’t included, nor are the charging cables,  but you can find AA batteries anywhere and use your existing phone charging cable with this unit.

Check out the Fenzer battery powered phone charger on Amazon here.

eTopper Battery Powered Phone Charger

The eTopper battery powered phone charger uses two AA batteries for emergency power when you’re out of other options.

It’s originally designed for charging smartwatches or golf watches if the batteries get low during the day or out on the green. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work just as well in a backpack, purse or brief case for emergency use.

Any kind of battery can be used like alkaline or rechargeable, but make sure they are matched (same brand and same type). Don’t expect hours upon hours of extra charge, a reviewer has found they get only 10%-30% extra charge with a fresh set of alkaline AA batteries.

That’s enough for an emergency situation and remember, AA batteries can be found pretty much anywhere.

To find out more information and the current price of the eTopper Battery Powered Phone Charger check it out on Amazon here.

EasyPower AA Battery Powered Phone Charger

I love this idea! It’s not an all-in-one phone charger, but this would be very useful for anyone who’s away from home for several hours each day.

The EasyPower USB AA Rechargable Battery Pack is a different style of portable power.

You get four rechargeable 1,450mAh batteries and each one has a flip cap. If you open the cap, it exposes a USB adapter that is used to charge the battery back up. Neat idea!

Once the batteries are charged, you can use them as you would any AA battery – for your phone charger, GPS device…even TV remote.

These are amazing batteries! – Anthony Lemons

Amazon reviewers report that they act much like disposable batteries, except once they’re depleted, recharge them using any of these methods:

As an extra bonus, EasyPower throws in a 4 port USB hub to charge all four batteries at once if you need to. Otherwise just plug the battery into any USB outlet that would normally provide a charge – like a wall outlet, your car USB port, power bank USB port – even your computer’s USB port while you’re working.

You can find more information and check the latest price on the EasyPower USB AA Rechargable Battery Pack on Amazon here.

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