GPS Trackable Golf Balls – Never Loose Your Ball Again


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GPS Trackable Golf Balls are real.

Somehow a company called OnCore has managed to install a tiny GPS chip inside a regular looking golf ball to record a ton of information instantly when it leaves the tee.

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball

It seems like everything is getting smarter. You have a smart phone, you might even have a smart home. Now, you can get smart golf balls!

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball

Data You’ve Never Seen..Until Now

These GPS trackable golf balls look just like normal golf balls except inside they contain a small GPS transmitter chip. This chip records different data about the golf ball:

  • It’s location – down to a foot of accuracy
  • How high the ball travelled
  • How fast the ball was hit with the club directly from the tee
  • G-Force when your golf club hit the smart golf ball
  • How long it was flying through the air
  • The angle the ball took once it started to descend
GPS Trackable Golf Ball - Features

GPS Trackable Golf Ball – Features

The company behind developing the GPS trackable golf ball -called GENiUS Ball is Oncore. They’ve been developing award-winning golf products for the last four years and have found success in the popular Elixr, Avant and Caliber golf ball series.

Oncore’s GPS trackable golf ball now allows golfers to view information about how they play the game….and save time digging through the brush for your lost ball.

The data that the GENiUS ball collects is uploaded to the cloud and recorded for further study and review when you’re not on the green.


GPS Trackable Golf Ball

How Does The GPS Trackable Golf Ball Work?

The GPS trackable golf ball doesn’t need to be activated before a swing or enabled. It automatically tracks and uploads the data after each stroke. You’ll see your position on the green, the ball’s velocity, how far it went and even how many times the golf ball spun around.

Once you view the data on the free Oncore mobile app, you can even share it directly to social media and prove that your hole-in-one story is true!

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball App Screen Shot

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball App Screen Shot

Using a normal golf ball, without GPS tracking, golfers had to rely on expensive accessories to try and improve. Range finders, launch monitors and even small inexpensive accessories all add up – but none will give you  the data the Oncore GENiUS GPS trackable golf ball does.

Every Swing Is Tracked

You get complete data recording – not just small snippets of data. The GENiUS ball tracks data immediately from the moment your club hits the ball on the tee, to the fairway and on the green.

Every single shot that’s made with the GENiUS Ball is tracked.

Somehow Oncore has been able to embed electronics inside it’s GENiUS golf ball that can withstand 15,000 G-Force directly from the tee. That’s insane! despite trying, no other company has been able to do it.

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball App Screen Shot

Oncore GPS Trackable Golf Ball

Recording all this data could literally redefine how the word “par” is used on the course. For example, if several people have played the same golf course with the GENiUS Balls,  all the data could be collected and sorted to find out who had the fastest balls, highest balls or most G-Force at the tee.

From there you could find training aids tailored to the data that was gathered through the GENiUS Ball.

If this catches on, it should get interesting.


The team behind the Oncore GENiUS Ball consists of pro golfers, Oncore’s own already successful golf ball designers, PhD experts in physicas and software development and partnerships with Arrow Electronics and Computational Research Facility at The University at Buffalo.

Oncore GENiUS Team

Oncore GENiUS Team

With this team behind the company, Oncore’s vision is to develop smarter tools for golfing and begin implementing artificial intelligence. A natural step would be to use their GPS data tracking circuitry inside a golf club and the golf ball – opening up a world of data that hasn’t ever seen the light of day.

The ball its self conforms to the five strict measurements the USGA sets for competitions. Size, weight, symmetry, initial velocity and overall distance. You wouldn’t get away with using the ball at the US Open, though.

So, do GPS trackable golf balls exist? Yes! Can you buy them right now? Yes!..but they’re sold out.

Initially launched through a successful Indiegogo campaign, the initial kits were shipped out in June 2018. Each kit includes two GENiUS balls, a bluetooth transceiver (for collecting the data from the balls) and the software to display the data to you.

I couldn’t find an exact cost on the GENiUS balls, rumors were saying $50 for a sleeve of two balls, but that was nulled by Oncore in an update on July 16th.

 that report was not accurate – Oncore

The Oncore website is showing that they’re sold out of pretty much all of their products (a good sign!). You can enter your email and they’ll notify you once the products are back in stock.

Oncore Golf Sold Out

Oncore Golf Sold Out

Something super cool that’s coming down the pipeline is a joint venture with vGolf.

VGolf is a mixed reality simulator, essentially a pair of sunglasses with two displays that can superimpose computer generated graphics onto the sunglasses.

VGolf Sunglasses

VGolf Sunglasses

The user sees both “real life” and the computer generated graphics at the same time.

The partnership will let users see a tracer of their shot and instant analytics from the GENiUS ball. One to watch.


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