7 USB Charged Tactical Flashlights That Will Blind In A FLASH

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For self protection and safety, you can’t afford not to have a good rechargeable LED flashlight.

With super bright beams and durable rugged bodies, rechargeable LED flashlights are awesome every day accessories. Their compact size allows for it to be easily slipped into a pocket or bag.

Pick up one of these affordable rechargeable LED flashlights and make sure you are never left in the dark. Just use any USB outlet and juice up!

NPet T09 200 Lumen USB Rechargable Flashlight

While the product name is a bit of a mouthful, the NPET T09 is a multi-function usb rechargeable flashlight.

  • Car window breaker / self defense point
  • Hazard warning light
  • Spotlight or Floodlight
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • 7 Different light settings

There’s a magnet on the end of the NPET T09 so you can easily find a good spot to light up an area – like on the body of your car, a toolbox or under the hood.

NPET has constructed the USB rechargeable flashlight with durablilty and longevity in mind. It is water and shock resistant and has an easy to grip finish and even a compass embedded into the end tip.

Aside from using any standard USB port to recharge the NPET T09, you could also recharge it via a built in solar panel (50v/50MA). It will take a while to fully recharge, but in a pinch, it’s there for you. If you camp, you could leave it to charge up in the day, or even strap it to your backpack hiking so it can get full sun exposure.

A green LED will light if it’s getting recharged via the sun

I charged with solar panel in sun for 9 hours , perfect result. – POFNY

Pretty much any phone charged that has a USB output will recharge this flashlight.

PET has included a seat belt cutter anticipating you’ll store it in your vehicle’s glove box. A glass breaker (that moonlights as a self defense tool) is also built into the end of the flashlight.

NPet T09 200 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight NPet T09 200 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight[/caption]

Out of the 80 people that reviewed the USB rechargeable flashlight, more than 3/4 of them gave it a 5 out of 5 star review.

You can find more information and check the latest price of the NPET T09 USB rechargeable flashlight on Amazon here.

BYBLIGHT 800 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight

I feel like pocket clips are essential for flashlights. You could find a belt holster but it might make you feel like a cop.

BYBLIGHT 800 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight BYBLIGHT 800 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight

Thankfully, the BYBLIGHT 800 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight has a built in black pocket clip so you can keep the flashlight close at hand – not just in your pocket. You could clip it to your back pack when hiking or even use some string and suspend to light up a larger area.

This flashlight from BYBLIGHT is bright. At 800 lumens, it packs a punch. With simpler settings than the NPET flashlight you looked at earlier – strobe, low, medium and high. It is easy to operate and comfortable in the hand.

The battery is also larger than the NPET flashlight model, boasting of up to 60 hours of continuous light, powered by a 3,000mAh USB rechargable battery.

The BYBLIGHT 800 Luman USB rechargeable flashlight can be fully recharged in only 4 hours when using a USB output of 5 volts / 1 amp or greater.

BYBLIGHT 800 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight
BYBLIGHT 800 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight

IP67 rated means this USB rechargeable flashlight is waterproof and durable, meaning it will be a reliable light source for any time use. Its light weight and compact size make it perfect for clipping onto your pocket, backpack, tent line – even clip it to your baseball cap!

If you don’t need or want the clip, don’t worry, it’s detachable and just snaps on and off.

Each end of the BYBLIGHT flashlight has a soft pointed pattern, useful for self defense. You probably won’t be able to break a window with it, though.

When I was first shopping for a decent flashlight, One feature that I wasn’t aware that I really needed was a memory function. If you set the flashlight to medium, when you turn it off and then back on, some flashlights reset to low (or max brightness) by default. This gets irritating after a while.

I love, love, loved this flashlight.. – Kalash

The BYBLIGHT flashlight has a memory function so the setting that’s enabled when you turn the flashlight off (say, high power) will be the same setting you get when you turn it back on (high power). A small but important feature.

A generous 18 month warranty accompanies the BYBLIGHT flashlight with a worry free fix/replace service and great customer support.

Check out the great reviews on Amazon and find the latest price of the BYBLIGHT USB rechargeable flashlight on Amazon here.

Phixton 1200 Lumen USB Rechargable Flashlight

The Phixton USB rechargeable flashlight can dazzle anything with 1200 lumens of LED brightness.

You can adjust the focus zoom of the beam from a narrow but super powerful spotlight to a wider flood effect for illuminating larger areas. The usual 5 modes in most flashlights are built into the Phixton model – hight, medium, low, strobe and SOS.

This flashlight will take standard AAA batteries if you are in a pinch and have run out of charge on the included 18650 5,000mAh battery.

Phixton offers an initial 30 day money back guarantee on it’s 1200 Lumen USB Tacitcal Flashlight and a full 12 months warranty for any mechanical failures. Some how their customer service is available 24 hours a day!

I highly recommend it to everyone! – Werewolf 69

Included with the flashlight is a USB recharging cable, a car charger, A/C charging adapter for a regular wall outlet, Bike mount and even a gift box / storage box to keep it all in. Pretty sweet.

The flashlight is about 6″ inches long and 1.2: inches wide, keep in mind there is an adjustable focus lens that makes the length of the flashlight a bit longer (almost 7.5″ inches in length when the focus is all the way out).

You can check out the latest price and get more information about the Phixton 1200 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight on Amazon here.

Tactool 1000 Lumen USB Rechargable Flashlight

I struggled to find much about the company who makes the Tactool USB rechargeable flashlight, but 60 people have rated this flashligh 5/5 stars. Worth a look to find out why.

Tactool 1000 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight
Tactool 1000 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight

It has the 5 basic lighting modes – high, medum, low, strobe and SOS and Tactool has labelled it virtually indestructible and even goes on to say it’s military grade.

this tactical flashlight does the trick. – Writermagic

An adjustable focus on the tip of the flashlight (spotlight to flood beam) is really useful for different situations where you need illumination.

The body is made from high quality aviation aluminium alloy and has a skid proof pattern so if you lay the flashlight down to work on something it’ll stay put.

It’s water resistant – not water proof, so I’m not sure why Tactool labelled it indestructible if an accidental drop in a creek, the toilet or somewhere else wet would fry the circuitry?

Included in the box is the 18650 rechargeable battery. USB recharging cord, a battery charger for a regular wall outlet, a 12v car adapter, lanyard and instructions.

Tactool 1000 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight
Tactool 1000 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight

Like some other USB rechargeable flashlight you can power it up with 3 AAA batteries or the 18650 battery that comes with the flashlight.

The TacTool USB rechargeable flashlight comes with a lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

If you encounter any problems within 90 days, Tactool will refund your money or replace the LED flashlight. Even if you are simply not happy, they won’t asking you to send the one you bought back. They also have 24/7 customer service.

Soonfire Cree XP-L 1050 Lumen USB Rechargable Flashlight

A Cree XP-L LED will throw powerful bright 1050 Lumen light up to 360 yards fom this Soonfire USB Rechargeable Flashlight.

Soonfire Cree XP-L 1050 USB Tactical Flashlight
Soonfire Cree XP-L 1050 USB rechargeable flashlight

The built in port on the side of the flashlight lets you charge up the Soonfire conveniently from any USB power source. The battery is 3,400 mAh and will give a decent run time of one hour at maximum brightness (1050 Lumens) or the low power mode (8 Lumens) for up to 370 of light.

This light it very bright on full power mode – Chili Red

Five light modes – high, medium, low, strobe and SOS with a tail switch that turns the flashlight on and off and a side switch that cycles through the different brightness modes.

The flashlight is waterproof and dustproof – something I think is essential for any piece of outdoor gear. At some time or another, it’s gonna get wet if not soaked.

Soonfire Cree XP-L 1050 USB Tactical Flashlight
Soonfire Cree XP-L 1050 USB rechargeable flashlight

The durable aluminum body is also shock proof. Feel good when you accidentally drop it on the concrete…a few times.

Soonfire included a detachable clip – another must have – so you can keep the flashlight close by for easy use. You don’t get a case or anywhere to store it – they probably expect you to use it!

Read more about the Soonfire 1050 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight on Amazon here.

Eastshine RT25 1000 Lumen USB Rechargable Flashlight

Rugged and tough, a tried and tested product with 244 reviews averaging a 4/5 star rating. The Eastshine RT25 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight can throw light up to 350 yards and boasts a 520 hour running time.

For professional tactical use like law enforcement, a momentary and constant switch control turning the light beam on and off. Perfect for discreetly using the flashlight.

There are five different light levels – high, medium, low, strobe and moonlight. Typically an SOS pattern would be the fifth lighting mode, but as this is aimed toward professional tactical use a  low power moonlight beam for covert use.

the quality of the construction is clear soon as you hold this in your hand. – William V

Charge up the flashlight with the included mini USB to USB cable – plug into any regular USB outlet. A handy charging indicator lets you know the battery status (red/green).

Eastshine used aluminum for the body of the flashlight and attack head. I never knew the term used for pointy flashlight heads!

It’s not water proof – only water resistant (up to 2 meters submersed) – but if you’re using this as a security guard job or law enforcement, the chances of it being completely submerged for a long period of time is pretty much nill. Camping or hiking or any outdoor activities….waterproof  (like the last flashlight) is the way to go.

A useful feature that sets the Eastshine USB Rechargable Tactical Flashlight apart from it’s peers is an auto adjusting temperature monitor.

If you leave the flashlight on for any length of time, they’ll eventually get warm to the touch. The Eastshine flashlight detects the warmth and reduces the brightness accordingly so the body is always comfortable and pleasant to pick up.

A nice thought.

The accessories that come with the flashlight are a bit scarce. A detachable pocket clip, a standard 18650 battery (3,500mAh), a cheap looking belt holster and the USB cable you need to recharge.

For more information and to check the most recent price of the Eastshine RT25 1,000 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight check it out on Amazon here.

OLIGHT M2R Warrior 1500 Lumen USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Check out how you charge up the EOLIGHT M2R 1500 Lumen USB Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight – it’s like an Apple Watch.

Don’t bother fiddling with small micro USB connectors, just use the magnetic charging cable. Connect it to the tail switch and the other end to any regular USB charger to quickly recharge the standard 18650 (3,200mAh) battery. Super cool! A high powered LED chip inside the USB flashlight can produce up to 1,500 Lumens.

EOLIGHT M2R Warrior 1500 Lumen USB Tactical Flashlight
EOLIGHT M2R Warrior 1500 Lumen USB rechargeable flashlight

This is a professional tactical flashlight and as such you get instant access to super bright (turbo) or strobe modes with a single press of the tail switch. EOLIGHT made the tail switch virtually silent to give you an extra advantage if you’re using it out in the field.

The side switch is used for regular flashlight tasks, like lighting up a work area or inspecting equipment.

I was disappointed to see that such a high quality (and priced) USB Rechargable Flashlight only used the standard 18650 battery (3,200 mAh). I think EOLIGHT recognized this and that’s why they include a backup battery. I would of preferred them to of accommodated the extra battery into the design of the flashlight.

The M2R has a light beam distance up to 277 yards. It’s a more compact and slim USB rechargeable flashlight that most others that I’ve shown you today – only 5″ inches in length.

Bought one for me and the wife. Couldn’t be happier! – Chris

Even though this EVOLIGHT is rated to IPX8 Waterproof standards, it falls short of being shock proof. Although the body and construction are pretty durable – I don’t think it would get hurt by a drop or  two.

EVLOLIGHT offers two versions of the M2R – a neutral white and cool white model. Both have the same functions, it’s just buyer’s preference and what you like the most.

Aside from the awesome way to charge the flashlight up using the magnetic adapter, it has a dual way pocket clip. Lens up or lens down? You can now do both 🙂

Get the latest prices and more information about he EVOLIGHT M2R USB Rechargeable Flashlight on Amazon here.

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