Top 5 Headphone Boosters That Work Like A Charm

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Headphone booster volume control

A headphone booster is designed to make your headphones sound louder. I’ve found some awesome headphone boosters that are highly reviewed but also very affordable.

Audio amplifiers for headphones – or more commonly known as simply headphone boosters –  are specifically made to take a quiet audio signal and boost it in volume to a level that you’re satisfied  with. Not being able to hear sounds through your headphones loud enough or clearly can be frustrating.

Headphones have changed from flimsy plastic bands with tiny speakers to substantial high quality immersive listening tools. Some headphone audio outputs just can’t keep up – effecting not only the volume, but the quality of the audio being sent to the headphone’s speakers.

Fortunately, there are headphone boosters available which take your original audio signal and amplify it up to a level that you can hear. Almost all audio devices have a built in headphone output, sometimes called a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. As long as you have one of these, any of the five best selling headphone boosters will do the trick and pump up your music to a satisfactory level.

Almost all Android devices use the standard mini headphone jack (3.5mm). If you have an iPhone 7 or newer, you won’t have the 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead Apple devices have the multi-purpose lightening adapter for charging, data transfer and audio. You should of gotten a lightening to 3.5mm adaptor in the iPhone box when you bought it. This special adaptor will allow you to use any of the five best selling headphone boosters below. If you need the adaptor, grab it on Amazon.

Top Five Headphone Boosters For 2018

I’ve scoured Amazon and picked out the top five headphone boosters that will work for almost any audio source – your desktop PC, smart phone or even TV – as long as you have that 3.5mm output connection or the above lightening to 3.5mm jack.

Neoteck Headphone Booster – $19.99 (Amazon)

One of the more appealing headphone boosters available today, the Neoteck Headphone Amplifier has a matt black aluminum surface and 2,000mAh built in rechargeable battery. The inbuilt circuitry doesn’t just amplify the audio, but creates a sharper and enhanced stereo sound.

Neoteck Headphone Booster
Neoteck Headphone Booster

Neoteck designed the headphone booster to be portable and pocket-able. Light weight yet still rugged enough to take life’s daily beatings. With all the input, output, status LED and volume controls on the top of the unit. The recharging port is on the opposite side along with a charging indicator.

Neoteck Headphone Booster
Neoteck Headphone Booster

Some users have wondered if you can use headphone boosters like the Neoteck to boost a microphone and then output that to a speaker. It won’t! You’ll have to get a dedicated microphone preamp instead.

Neoteck has added circuitry to deliver even better sounding audio to your headphones – not just amplifying the original sound – but making the original sound cleaner, more relistic and stereo enhanced.

I don’t know Audio, but I know this amp made my Headphones sound Way better. –Will Fisher

This audio amplifier will work for your tablets, smart phones, RV Television, laptop, DJ mixers and a whole lot more. It doesn’t have an auto shut-off which would be handy if you forget to manually turn it off. The rechargeable 2,000mAh battery will deliver up to 8 hours of amplified audio, but that could be severely reduced if you forget to turn it off!

The Neoteck headpone booster has an average of 4/5 stars. Check it out on Amazon here.

YOHOOLYO Portable Headphone Amplifier – $19.99 (Amazon)

For under $20 (and overlooking the funny name) the Yohoolyo portable headphone booster is great value for your money.

Headphone booster by Yohoolyo
YOHOOLYO Portable Headphone Booster

With almost fifty 4-star and above reviews, it has been well received by other users that have already purchased the booster.

Good sound with sufficient gain. Nice size. It does exactly what I need. – J.Kaplan

Yohoolyo includes a standard USB charging cable and a a 3,5mm audio cable to connect your device to the headphone booster – this alone would be $5-$10.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the influx of high quality, meaty headphones has left some audio devices gasping to provide a decent headphone volume level, as they can’t keep up with the larger headphone demands – like a bigger driver to really thump the bass.

Larger headphones like the Sony HD-650 work perfect with this headphone booster.  Even 250ohm headphones will benefit from this small, compact unit. Something to think about is what your next headphone purchase might be. The Yohoolyo audio amplifier will boost pretty much any signal other than a microphone to almost any type of headphone. You should be in good hands.

One issue that you may run into is a noise coming through your headphones while charging  the Yohoolyo headphone booster. Other users have reported that you can stop this by using a charger with less than 1 amp output. Keep in mind the headphone booster has a 2,000mAh battery inside and you can expect a full 8 hours of use before you need to recharge it.

Check out the Yohoolyo Headphone Booster on Amazon here.

Upbeat Audio Boostaroo – $26.50 (Amazon)

130 people gave the Upbeat Audio Boostaroo Headphone Booster a 5/5 star review. From the product photo alone (above), it doesn’t look very robust and a little plastic-y. It’s made for portability and pocket-ability, which is why Upbeat Audio went for a sleek and thin design over a more square one.

Upbeat Audio Headphone Booster
Upbeat Audio Headphone Booster

It’s a simple device, with only one control – on/off. While users aren’t convinced it doubles the volume, they do say it definitely boosts the audio. A feature that sets the Boostaroo apart from other dedicated volume boosters for headphones are the 3 extra headphone outputs. It splits the audio three ways so others can enjoy your music, netflix or videos with you. This might be a great option when travelling with kids! Or sharing an iPad movie on a plane with your neighbor.

The Boostaroo is powered by two AA batteries that will give you about 30 hours of listening life. A different use for the Boostaroo is to use it with portable speakers that are normally plugged into your computer’s aux port. Plug a 3.5mm audio cable into your computer’s aux port (not included), then plug your portable speakers into the Boostaroo’s head phone output.

If you are looking for an inexpensive headphone booster with built in audio splitting, the Boostaroo might be for you.

Check it out on Amazon here.


BoomCloud 360 Boomstick – $8.50 (Amazon)

I love some of these product names! BOOM STICK! It just sounds good when you say it.


Anyway! The BoomCloud BoomStick -At $8.50 and 85+ five star reviews, you can’t help but stop and take a second look.

Boomstick Headphone Booster
BoomCloud BoomStick

Unlike the other headphone boosters i’ve shown you so far, this is the only one that has “signal processor and audio enhancer in it’s title.”


The Boom part of boomstick is beacuse it specifically increases the bass response of the input signal (your phone, tablet, TV..). It has two modes – simply selected by pressing the single button. Boom mode will add 7 decibels to your source audio and Boost mode will increase it by 11 decibels.

You get some accessories, like the charging cable and a case to carry it in, but one thing to note is that the 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable – that goes to your smart phone/tablet/tv – is actually built into the amplifying unit its self.

The good part is that you won’t loose it. The not so good part is that you can’t replace the cable once it becomes worn and eventually non-functioning from everyday use. At $8.50, this isn’t really a worry – just get a new Boomstick!

There is a built in rechargable battery – I’m not 100% on the capacity, but users are reporting 10 hours or even more.

I love this! Boosts sound perfectly – warm lows, nice highs. – Muzixplorer

The audio processing and enhancing the magically goes on within the Boomstick can make speakers “fill” the room by enhancing the bass frequency and making the mids and top end crisper and clearer. A lot of buyers are reporting that the Boomstick has far exceeded their expectations – both as a volume booster for headphones and as a signal processor to enhance their audio.


For $8.50, this is looking like a bargain.

Check out the Boomcloud 360 BoomStick on Amazon here.

FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier – $59.99 (Amazon)

I love the look of this headphone booster! It reminds me of a drinking flask that a cowboy would be sippin’ on. This is the FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier.

The FiiO A3 comes with a charging cable, a short 4″ 3.5mm audio cable (that goes to your audio source like a smart phone or tablet) and a thick rubber band so you can strap the headphone amplifier and your phone together. A nice thought. The aluminum body and chassis on the headphone booster not only looks pretty, but shields against any electromagnetic interference (hisses and crackling).

What sets the FiiO A3 headphone booster apart from it’s peers is a dedicated bass boost system. It will amplify the low 60Hz frequency by 3.5 decibels to create eardrum wobbling bass.

You can easily enable or disable the bass boost by a simple ON/OFF switch on the top of the headphone booster. At the other side is a gain control – again with simple L or H options. This is useful to match the FiiO A3’s output to those of the headphones you are wearing.

Maybe you use earbuds when you are outside, but then switch to studio headphones when you’re back home. The gain switch will help to compensate for the much larger components that still need power.

The controls are very useful and well thought out. Excellent device – Thimk Hard

Right in the middle of the headphone booster is the shiny volume control with a pretty obvious 0-10 increment. So shiny.

Battery life is the best out of all the headphone booster’s I’ve shown you today. Up to 16 hours of continuous use – that’ll leave you 8 hours for sleep and a recharge!

You can check out the FiiO A3 headphone booster on Amazon here.

Any of these headphone boosters will simply make an audio source louder. You get a lot more for your money than that – enhanced bass, more realistic stereo sound even digital processing to make the music fill the room. If your choice of headphone is earbuds and you have no thoughts of ever needing full over the ear headphones, any of the top five picks will work like a charm, but if you plan on using a headphone booster with larger full over (and on) the ear headphones, I’d steer clear of the Boostaroo and the BoomCloud. They just won’t cut it in the long run.

Do you need a headphone booster or maybe you already have one? Has it helped you enjoy your audio?


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